Many of us are long-time players that love to help out. Some of the pages below will be bios of us from glory days, or just short statements.


Tool maker, tool, discord dude, all around Warframe fanatic. Lvl. 420 Man-child


Aka Panty, a Tenno Guide & Ranger for the Warframe discord. Enjoys long walks on the Plains of Eidolon while shooting Eidolons.


Aka Mussy's Man Toe, a Ranger that is very experienced in the field and loves to help out, Ranger for the Warframe discord.

Danish Chief

Moderator/Tenno Guide/Ranger for the Warframe discord, a dude who loves to chill in the index.


Experienced hunter of the Eidolons, is there to help out when needed.


Tenno Guide for the Warframe discord, loves the Kubrows.

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