Arbitrations is the endgame elite alert for players once completing the star chart.

Arbitrations are a special alert that consist of elite versions of endless missions with special modifiers to help with the greater difficulty.

In order for a player to unlock these elite alerts, the player must complete every connected node in the star chart, Only nodes that do NOT need to be completed is Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem assassinations on Eris. (The player can check their total progress by talking to the Arbitrations representative in the Arbiters of Hexis vendor in Relays.)

Arbitrations will only select nodes with a endless mission type, these mission types consist of

  • Survival

  • Interception

  • Defense

  • Excavation

  • Defection

  • Infested Salvage


In the Arbitration, Once you lose all of your health, you do NOT enter a bleedout phase, instead you die instantly, Once this occurs, a Revive Tower will appear at the place of death with a red way point. In order to use this Revive Tower, you must destroy Arbitration Shield Drones so they will drop Resurgence tokens, These tokens function identical to Index points so be careful, you need 5 of these to revive a dead player.

In the Arbitration, Arbitration Shield Drones will spawn with enemies, they function similarly to Shield Ospreys, but instead grant enemies immune to all types of damage and warframe abilities. You must kill these drones so the enemies will become vulnerable once again. Killing the drones will also explode on death, dealing high amounts of Blast damage to the ENEMY.

On your navigation, Before clicking on the Arbitration, you will notice a,

  • WarframeName +300% Strength

  • WeaponName +300% Damage

During the Arbitration, Those items will receive that buff for the duration of the Arbitration.


In the Arbitration, Rotation lengths are twice as long as their normal endless mission variant, Additionally, The missions also support a modifier unique to each,

  • Survival - Capsules are worth 75% of usual.

  • Interception - Enemy towers fill twice as fast.

  • Defense - Operative is equipped with a Telos Akbolto

  • Excavation - Defense time is increased from 100 seconds to 180 seconds.

  • Defection - Rescue targets cannot be revived.

  • Infested Salvage - Consoles have half of their normal health.

Also note, After you have reached rotation C, It will remain rotation C forever, This is ONLY for Arbitrations. Each rotation has a near identical, but the % gets higher.

Rotation A rewards

  • 1300 Endo 36.5%

  • Ayatan Ayr Sculpture 18%

  • Ayatan Sah Sculpture 18%

  • Ayatan Valana Sculpture 18%

  • Adaptation 2%

  • Rolling Guard 2%

  • Sharpshooter 2%

  • Vigorous Swap 2%

  • Aura Forma Blueprint 1.5%

Rotation B rewards

  • 1600 Endo 48%

  • Ayatan Piv Sculpture 20%

  • Ayatan Vaya Sculpture 20%

  • Adaptation 2.5%

  • Rolling Guard 2.5%

  • Sharpshooter 2.5%

  • Vigorous Swap 2.5

  • Aura Forma Blueprint 2%

Rotation C rewards

  • 2000 Endo 52.5%

  • Ayatan Orta Sculpture 29%

  • Adaptation 3.5%

  • Rolling Guard 3.5%

  • Sharpshooter 3.5%

  • Vigorous Swap 3.5%

  • Aura Forma Blueprint 2.5%

  • Seeding Step Ephemera 2%

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