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Q: Dude, how do I get that sweet Doggo? A: By completing the Venus to Mercury Junction, you unlock the Howl of the Kubrow quest. You unlock your first kubrow in the process of its completion!

How to claim Discord’s Reverence Pack without reinstalling Warframe

Do note: This does NOT work with the standalone launcher. BACKUP game files just in case something goes wrong. You do NOT need to install Warframe through Discord in order to obtain the Reverence pack. You DO need Discord Nitro (not Nitro Classic) for $10 in order to obtain the pack for free, otherwise it is $25. The Platinum obtained from the Reverence Pack is NOT tradeable.

To locate your game’s launcher location from Steam if you don’t have a standalone launcher, open your Steam Library and right click on Warframe. Click on Properties at the bottom and go to the Local files tab. Click Browse local files… and go to the Tools folder. The Launcher.exe file is the program we will be dealing with.

  1. Go to wherever the Warframe Launcher is installed on your PC. As an example, my game is installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe\Tools

  2. Right click Launcher.exe and click Create Shortcut

  3. Right click on Launcher.exe - Shortcut and click Properties from the drop-down menu. Example Image****

  4. ****First box on the Shortcut panel should be the Target box, and the path to the shortcut should be in quotation marks (make sure to put one quotation mark on either end of the Target location if they are not already there). At the very end, after the closing quotation mark, add a space and then the following: -cluster:public -registry:DiscordExample Image

  5. Click Apply, then OK, make sure the Discord Overlay is enabled inside Discord (Options > Overlay > Enable in-game Overlay) and that it is enabled to appear in Warframe, then run the shortcut. Log into the Warframe that opens and you should see the Reverence Pack right there on the main page of the in-game Market.

If you tried these instructions and it did not work for you, PLEASE START FROM THE BEGINNING. It’s likely something wasn’t done correctly. Make sure you read CAREFULLY.

Game won’t Update

Get Logs, attach to support ticket diagnostics ****-- [DE] Glen

Verify your Game

Click the cog in the upper right from the launcher, then click "Verify"

Optimize your Game

Click the cog in the upper right from the launcher, then click "Optimize"

2FA and Trading

You are now required to have 2FA enabled to trade with fellow Tenno. It is required to protect both parties from participating in account invasion-related situations. When both players have 2FA enabled, it helps to ensure that the persons trading are the legitimate account holders trading their own items. Learn more about 2FA here****

Dx11 on Windows 7

Anyone not able to run Dx11 on Windows 7 since mainline please check for KB2670838

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