Current Prime Access/Vault

This page has what relic drops and where to farm each.

Prime Vault Warframes

Rhino Prime
Nyx Prime
-Rhino prime systems (Axi s3 common)
-Nyx prime systems (Axi s3 uncommon)
-Rhino prime neuroptics (Lith b4 Uncommon)
-Nyx prime neuroptics (Meso n6 Rare)
-Rhino prime chassis (Meso n6 uncommon)
-Nyx prime Chassis (Neo r1 uncommon)
-Rhino prime blueprint(Neo r1 rare)
-Nyx prime blueprint (Lith b4 Common)

Prime Vault Weapons

Boltor Prime
Hikou Prime
-Boltor prime blueprint (Lith b4 Rare)
-Hikou prime stars (Axi s3 common)
-Boltor prime stock (Axi s3 Common)
-Hikou prime pouch (Meso n6 common)
-Boltor prime barrel (Meso n6 common)
-Hikou prime Blueprint (Neo r1 common)
-Boltor prime receiver ( Neo r1 uncommon)
Scindo Prime
Ankyros Prime
-Scindo prime blade (Axi s3 rare)
-Ankyros prime blade (Axi s3 uncommon)
-Scindo prime blueprint (Lith b4 uncommon)
-Ankyros prime blueprint (Lith b4 common)
-Scindo prime handle (Meso n6 uncommon)
-Ankyros prime gauntlet (Neo r1 common)

Prime Access

Wukong Prime
Zhuge Prime
Ninkondi Prime
Blueprint: Lith W1 (RARE)
Blueprint: Lith L1 (UNCOMMON)
Blueprint: Neo R2 (COMMON)
Neuroptics: Axi G2 (COMMON)
Grip: Meso A2 (COMMON)
Chain: Axi P1 (UNCOMMON)
Chassis: Neo S12 (UNCOMMON)
Barrel: Neo Z3 (RARE)
Handle: Meso N7 (RARE)
Systems: Meso K2 (UNCOMMON)
String: Axi M1 (COMMON)