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Why does the DPS host?

The reason why the DPS is host is because he needs to load in first to grab the first lure and fast charge it.

Why does the DPS get first lure and charge it?

The reason why the DPS gets and charges first lure is so that way he can speed through the Teralyst without worrying about speed from the Trinity.

Why do people dash to "the log"?

The reason why people dash to the log when the DPS grabs the lure is because it will shift Vomvalyst spawns, making the fast charge a lot quicker.

Why not use Amesha instead of Harrow for eidolons?

While Amesha could in theory replace Harrow, but there is a lot of problems here, Harrow provides a critical chance buff that helps with one shotting limbs and capshot, Itzal has the ability to Blink across the plains of eidolon very quickly.

How many lures is trinity supposed to get?

Trinity will get a total of 7 lures, Firstly will get 2 lures and drop them to the DPS, Then fly out to get 5 more.

What is a preshield?

Preshielding is when the volt flies out to future Gantulyst/Hydrolyst spawns and places shields there before placing the shards in the shrine, The volt should fly out as soon as the eidolon starts to get up from Healing Phase.

Why is the Shraksun Scaffold the best scaffold?

Reason why the Shraksun is the best is because it has punch through in which can result in hitting multiple hitboxes, usually resulting in one shotting the shields if enough void strike is present.

When does harrow cast his 4th?

There are two ways to indicate when exactly to cast 4th, One of them being is when he tips his head down further right before Energy Spike, Or if you are depending on Audio, There will be a brief moment of silence right before Energy Spike, cast it then.

What is a 1x3/2x3/3x3/4x3/5x3/6x3?

#x3 represents how many sets of Eidolons per night cycle, Example if you did a 3x3, you captured 3 Hydrolyst in one night cycle, etc etc.

Why do you not use Serration or any type of +damage with Chroma?

Vex Armor is additive with +damage type mods, meaning it acts as one big Serration. Elementals will scale a bunch better with Vex Armor so you would refer to use Primed Cryo Rounds or Wildfire in the place of Serration, Primed Cryo Rounds deals an extra 25% damage to Alloy Armor, Wildfire helps to stack Radiation if you do not own Primed Cryo Rounds.

Here is the math to prove that PCR deals more then Serration.

Primed Cryo Rounds

  • 1 x (1 + 9.15) x (1 + 0.9 x 2 + 1.65) = 45.1675


  • 1 x (1 + 9.15 + 1.65) x (1 + 0.9 x 2) = 33.04

9.15 represents 915% Fury from Vex Armor, Just replace the number with your own Fury for your own calculations.

How do i proc Virtuous Shadow?

Virtuous Shadow, which i agree with, can be a big pain to proc, But thankfully another experienced hunter by the name of effion#8506 has made a descriptive video on how to proc Virtuous Shadow quite easily.

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