Affinity is basically Warframe's mechanic for experience points.

How to gain affinity

  • Using a Warframe or Archwing ability

  • Hacking a terminal

  • Completing an objective

  • Collecting an Affinity Orb

  • Scanning with a Codex Scanner

  • Killing enemies

How affinity is spread

  • Killing with a Warframe's ability will grant 100% affinity towards the Warframe

  • Killing with a Weapon will grant 50% affinity to the weapon, and 50% to the Warframe

  • Being near an ally when they kill an enemy, 25% affinity is granted to the Warframe, and 75% affinity is spread across equipped weapons, 25% split between 3 weapons equipped, 37.5% split between 2 weapons equipped, 75% if only one weapon is equipped.

Tips for gaining affinity

There are multiple ways for gaining affinity to level your gear,

  • Grineer give the most affinity out of every faction, so it is recommended to run high level Grineer defense.

  • Helene, Saturn - This place is great for affinity as well as passively farming Orokin Cells, because you need a lot to craft prime gear.

  • Hydron, Sedna - Also a great area to farm affinity.

  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught - The best place to level up weapons, because it is a onslaught of high level enemies to grant tons of affinity.

  • Adaro, Sedna - This place is a tricky one, It requires you to be stealthy, so it is recommended to bring someone with a Equinox and sleep everyone, because stealth kills stack up to 500% bonus affinity per kill, and like stated earlier, killing grants 50% to weapon and 50% to warframe.

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