Conservation is a non-combat activity within the Orb Vallis that involves tracking, luring, and capturing local animals alive. Once a player has enough standing to acquire a Tranq Rifle and at least one Echo-Lure from the Business, you will be able to start your Conservation journey.

Once you pull out either your Tranq Rifle or Echo-Lure, The conservation menu will appear automatically on the bottom right, indicating that either is equipped. When you hold out one of these items, once you look on your minimap, you will notice some paw-prints to indicate where the animal is.

After heading to one of those paw-prints, you will find a calling point, after starting the call point, a trail of foot prints will appear on the ground, and if you follow them you will end up finding another call point.

Get out the Echo-Lure respected to what the call points animal is, and to the right you will see a pitch monitor, hold down left click or whatever your key is to shoot, once you've done this, the animal will make a noise from the direction it is coming from, then repeat this again to actually call the animal to your location.

The creature will spawn and approach the calling point, and now you get out your Tranq rifle, stealthily shoot the animal with the Tranq rifle, after the animal falls over asleep, walk over to it and claim it, you will be rewarded animal tags as well as standing.

There are multiple different types of animals, And those are,

  • Pobber

  • Virmink

  • Sawgaw

  • Bolarola

  • Horrasque

  • Stover

  • Kubrodon

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