Guide and strategies by Dao219, -GrimmWar- and contributions to pylon Scoop-Strat from Werxxx

Speedrun Guide

With the Warframes, weapons and tactics described below we were able to kill the Profit-Taker Orb in about 80 sec (from loading into Orb Valis until the Profit-Taker Orb died). This Video shows 3 of our runs from the Mirage point of view. Re-uploaded a Chroma POV.

Team Composition and Warframe Builds

Since the Profit-Taker Orb shield is only vulnerable to one IPS or elemental damage type at a time we decided to go with 3 Warframes that can provide damage buffs. Chroma is giving every player a base damage buff with Vex Armor, that is why we don’t use any base damage mods like Serration or Rubedo-Lined Barrel on our weapons. Rhino provides a multiplicative damage buff with Roar that multiplies the entire weapon damage. The third buffer Warframe is Mirage with the Total Eclipse augment. This provides another multiplicative damage buff to all players close to Mirage as long as Mirage is standing in light. These buffs allow to hit the damage caps on each damage type in a short amount of time so every player can just continuously shoot at the Profit-Taker Orb without looking at the current damage type.

With the dps problem solved there are three further issues that need to be dealt with: survivability, knockdowns and magnetic procs.

To deal with the knockdowns and magnetic procs as well as to increase survivability we use Oberon as 4th Warframe. Hallowed ground will grant all players status proc and knockdown immunity. The Profit-Taker Orb can still push players back but you won’t get interrupted and can continue shooting/reloading. Renewal provides healing per second, an armor buff and together with the Phoenix Renewal augment it prevents one death for each player every 90 seconds.

To further increase survivability Chroma runs fire (red energy color) to give everyone more health with Elemental Ward. Additionally Vex Armor will provide the Scorn armor buff to all players in range.

In order to benefit from these defensive buffs we use vitality on all Warframes. Usually only Mirage is in danger of dying since her base stats are relatively low.

The following screenshots show our Warframe builds with Arcanes. All of them are built for decent range to make sure that everyone gets buffed.

Chroma Build

Mirage Build

Oberon Build

Rhino Build

Weapons and Damage Types

The idea behind the weapons we picked is that we want all elements and IPs damage types on 4 players without having to swap weapons. There are 3 IPS, 4 single elemental and 6 combined elemental damage types. Each player builds one combined and one single elemental damage type which means two combined elements would be missing. Therefore two weapons are required that have a combined elemental damage type as their base damage. The best candidates we found so far are Arca Plasmor which has radiation base damage and Synapse which has corrosive base damage. For impact, puncture and slash we use two Imperator Vandal archguns.

Imperator Vandal Builds

One Imperator Vandal is built for magnetic + toxin damage the other Imperator Vandal will be built for viral + heat. Quick Reload also helps keeping up dps with as little downtime as possible.

Arca Plasmor Build

Arca Plasmor has base radiation and will be built for blast + electric. Chilling Reload, Shotgun Spazz and Tactical Bump help with fire rate and reload speed.

Synapse Build

Synapse has base corrosive and will be built for gas + cold.

Operators and Gear

The Operators should use amps with Phahd scaffold since this scaffold can oneshot pylons. It doesn't matter which prism/brace you use since all prisms are too weak to oneshot pylons and objects can’t be hit with critical hits.

We picked Madurai because of the passive physical and elemental damage buffs but overall the focus school doesn’t make a huge difference. Void Flow, Void Siphon and Mind Sprint are the only mandatory waybounds. Any other waybounds are nice to have.

Energy pads are mandatory.

Carrier with Ammo Case provides 25% additional Ammo Capacity. This also affects archguns, the ammo conversion doesn’t affect archguns, but having 300 additional ammo helps in case some shields take longer due to mistakes.


Spawn Locations

There are 3 different spawn locations. The orange circles are our initial landing spots so we can make sure that we all stack for the damage buffs. On Mushroom Madness we try to lure the Profit-Taker Orb away from the mushrooms since it can be quite annoying to destroy pylons that land on mushrooms.


Mushroom Madness:


Profit-Taker Orb

As soon as the Profit-Taker Orb spawned we all land at the same landing spot, use our buffs and the 2 Imperator Vandal users activate their archguns. The host usually arrives first. That is why Chroma should be host since he has the most buffs that need to be applied as well as getting out his archgun and having to eventually do self damage (cast Elemental Ward first to immediately provide a buff for mirage). Chroma also lands a bit closer to the boss while Mirage stays a bit further behind. That way Chroma should tank most of the damage which usually maxes out Vex armor, while also lowering the damage that Mirage takes. Oberon gets up Hallowed Ground and Renewal as soon as possible. When all buffs are up all players start walking closer to the Profit-Taker Orb while continuously shooting. By going close enough you can be inside the blue walls and avoid having your shots blocked by them.

Overall the fight isn’t very complicated. It roughly has 3 relevant phases - shields, legs, pylons - which repeat during the fight.

shield phase => leg phase => 4 pylons => leg phase => shield phase => leg phase => 6 pylons => shield phase => leg phase => Grofit

During the shield phases everyone just shoots at the Profit-Taker Orb regardless of which damage type is currently active. The archgun users have to kill two legs each so we decided that one player kills the right legs and one player kills the left legs before they switch to the body of the Profit-Taker Orb. The pylon phases require a bit coordination. Oberon should recast Hallowed Ground during the leg phases before a pylon phase so it is still up when players come back.


We are currently testing different ideas for coordinating players during the pylon phases. In our runs we used the “Scoop-Strat”.During the 4 pylon phase each player destroys one pylon. During the 6 pylon phase both archgun players destroy one pylon while the other players destroy 2 pylons each. Between the pylon launch and the pylon landings is a lot of time to pick targets and coordinate players.


For this strategy we divide the area around the Profit-Taker Orb into 4 sectors and assign each player to one of them. As a general rule, Chroma gets the front sector, while Oberon and Rhino split left and right, which leaves Mirage for the back sector. This is done in this manner because Oberon and Rhino need to be opposite of each other, to be able to get 2 pylons each on the 6 pylon stage. Moreover, Chroma needs to be close to be able to shoot fast. Mirage, as non-host archgun user, is in danger of dying without the chroma buffs, so it is better to leave chroma closest.

When the pylons get launched every player needs to pay attention to the pylon split and especially to the situation of neighbouring sectors.

If 3 pylons drop in one sector the player who is assigned to this sector takes the middle pylon, while players from neighbouring quadrants will come scoop the side ones. If only 2 dropped, but the neighbouring left sector has none, then the player needs to shift right, and leave the left pylon untouched for the player that is coming from the other sector.


This strategy requires a reference point. You can use the head of the Profit-Taker Orb (where it shows the damage type) as “12 o’clock” and then have players pick pylons by going clockwise (c) or counterclockwise (cc). This will work even if all pylons go to the same side.

green square := head

blue circles := pylons

****4 pylons: Each player picks one pylon c1, c2, cc1 or cc4.

6 pylons: Archgun players pick one pylon each and non-archgun players pick two pylons each.


There is a short delay between the launch of each pylon so targets can be picked by numbering pylons from 1-4 and 1-6 depending on their launch times. During the 4 pylon phase each player takes one pylon, you just have to decide before the runs who has which number. During the 6 pylon phase the archgun players destroy pylon 5 and 6 while the non-archgun players destroy pylons 1-2 and 3-4.

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