Negative IPS

To understand how good negative ips is, we must first remind ourselves how status procs are inflicted : the chance to proc an element without taking weapon's status chance into consideration is :

for elemental:

total=elementalDamage100/(moddedDamage)total = elementalDamage*100/(moddedDamage)

and for IPS =

total=IPSdamage400/(moddedDamage)total = IPSdamage*400/(moddedDamage)

Now as you may notice, ips damage gets favoured 4 times over elemental damage, meaning you will most likely proc more ips than elemental procs, if damage values for each are equal.

  • Why would that be a bad thing you might ask? well only the slash proc is considered good while impact or puncture procs are wasted potential, as that proc could have been something more useful and beneficial to the weapon, such as corrosive, gas or viral.

  • But what if that specific ips is my main damage type? well it depends on what weapon you are using if it is a hard-hitting weapon like a sniper it will make for a really great hunter muntions or a Gas build (both these DOT aren't affected by ips damage ).If it is an automatic weapon/beam weapon -ips can lead to significantly more corrosive procs, helping strip armour faster and sometimes helping a mediocre base status chance. In most cases the upfront damage loss will be outweighed by procing more useful status.

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